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Key Features and Functions

Accurate Word Count

Our word counter excels in delivering precise word counts, ensuring that writers adhere to specified word limits or meet minimum requirements. This accuracy is essential in academic, professional, and creative writing scenarios where meeting word count criteria is crucial.

Character Count

Our word counter tool goes beyond word counting and includes character count features. This is particularly useful in situations where character limits are imposed, such as in social media posts or specific application forms.

Sentence and Paragraph Count

Understanding the structure of your writing is vital for effective communication. Our word counter will soon provide insights into sentence and paragraph counts, helping writers maintain a balanced and well-organized composition.

Reading Time Estimation

For content creators mindful of their audience's time, our word counter will soon include a reading time estimation feature. This provides a quick assessment of how long it will take for a reader to consume the content, allowing for adjustments to meet time constraints. The average silent reading rate for adults in English is 238 words per minute (source).